The Dragon Air hovercraft
Credit: Liberty Science Center

A magical ingredient of childhood is curiosity.

Every kid should have the chance to explore, to reach, to learn more.

But too often rigid rules and structures prevent this from happening, both in school and after school. It is more important than ever to spark a love of math, science and engineering in our next generation.

All kids need opportunities to learn as much as they want.

Overdeck Family Foundation is proud to partner with DragonAir in supporting the inspiring educational nonprofits below, who give kids the freedom to learn at their own pace and let their talent fly!

FIRST is a global robotics community preparing young people for the future.

ST Math is a visual math program that builds deep understanding through creative problem solving.

On Khan Academy you can learn anything from their expert-created content – for free.

Girlstart empowers girls to succeed in STEM subjects through free activities and resources.